i dont get it

i really dont get it….i said to myself, whenever people keep on asking for the obvious stuff. first of all, the reason why we document everything is to make things transparent for the next person. what makes it more absurd, is that im writing down everything to avoid confusion and im gonna get a message asking me what happen to the case…id like to scream and say, just read the fucking notes! the kick is I always get that question from that same person. well my guess would be, she just cant read. in addition to that, i dont get it when ppl asked me why i dont have any friendster account and they are raising their eyebrows. truth to be told, im not a fan of it. i hate the concept of friend’s list marathon. id rather stay quiet cuz i might say something they could not take.

alrighty enough of those thingy. i was able to watch the first two episodes of the celebrity apprentice and gotta say im surprise to see Lennox (heavyweight boxing champ) and UFC player randy ortiz, the 2 muscular hunks following different tasks given by donald trump. an interview with trump, he says he will be firing those high profile celebrities in which they will look like a begging dog, hehhe. for the ladies…well Omorosa, from the old apprentice season, is bitch as ever. whats new on this season is that the winning team will be able to watch whats happening in the board room. for the first 2 episodes, guys have been enjoying this privilege.


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