with the continuous controversies were getting with the ZTE scandal, sometimes i dont wanna watch news anymore. pagkagising ko un agad ang balitang bumungad saken kanina and a lot of names had been dragged already…neri, lozada etc. it almost feels like ive been watching tennis. each side has something new to say against the other. it will be the third impeachment complaint filed towards GMA. its possible that both of them are lying, but its impossible that both sides are telling the truth, u gotta be kidding me. politics in this country becomes a universal mockery. just my 2 cents.

if u watched the classic “The Godfather” movie, i bet this game will turn ur head around. the storyline is patterned with the actual movie and the creativity in inserting your character (player) with the Corleone family is awesome. The Godfather Mob Wars is a good PSP game entry by Paramount. the voice-overs are from the characters of this movie.. however there is a part on this game that i dont like….its the part where al pacino doesn’t look like the young AL in the movie hehhe, the latter is a lot gorgeous. im giving 4 out 5 for this game 😉

these past few weeks had been crazy for me because im doing some “kagagahan” and “katangahan” hahha its funny though looking back at all the things i said 😛 anyways i recently received an anniversary token of digital frame from the company im working with right now. its a glass digital frame coated with white plastic on the sides, compatible with your sd/mmc card, and even supporting usb, can play slideshow, mp3s and its even compatible with my mp4 video files. the remote control though, reminded me of the scientific calculator hahha.

naglilihi ata ako sa song ni michael jackson ung rock with you, ewan ko ba natutuwa lang ako kase ang sarap isayaw haha, alright so thats about for now, mejo tumataas na naman ang amats ko, so just before u think im going crazy, eto silipin nyo. (thanks to at pinasaket nya ang tyan ko sa kakatawa hehe)


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