last saturday, sessha, tin and i went out for breakfast in Pancake House located in Pearl Drive. i miss the habit of combining food trip and kwentuhan. its funny though kase may mga times na wla nang mapag usapan, hehe i guess its normal since we are not anymore considered as “officemates” kaya wala na kameng common tao na mapag chichismisan haha.

its been awhile since the last time i went out with friends. one factor is ang pagdating ng cute kong pamangkin hehhe, kaya most of the time, sa kanya ko nauubos ang oras ko. sabe nga kase nila, mas hiyang saken ung bata kesa dun sa mommy nya hahha.

nakakatawa whenever i get to oppose my dad on his opinion, napaka transparent kase ng pagtanggi nya and how he is eager to prove his point. we are discussing about how new phones from china that has built-in TV feature without subscribing to telecom services like smart/globe affects the industry of telecommunications. his take on that is, well that is business…dapat sumabay ang smart/globe and the rest of cellphone manufacturers with the emerging technology. for how many times that i mention to him that 3G technology is already been out there, free the time it is launched and the current trend is that you have to pay for it per minute or per kbs downloaded. he pointed out that telecoms must be thankful because consumers will of course purchase sim cards that will add sales to either globe/smart/sun. my take, well those telecom companies are not manipulating the industry but rather, would like to have in agreement first with different manufacturers before a product is launched in the market. perhaps, telecom companies realize that with the emerging not-so-expensive cellphones with multi features from china will kill majority of the telecom companies. i think telecom companies and the manufacturers must have an agreement that will not put down their businesses and at the same time will give the consumer the freedom to choose. a cellphone without sim is useless and vice versa.

after an hour or so of thought-sharing i finally shut my mouth for i know that whatever i say, it wouldn’t make any difference at all. him being like that is part of my genes, haha. i still love my dad, anyways.


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