AV out for PSP

Sony is taking the feedback of the market seriously when releasing this upcoming psp new version. With its design, we expect is to be more flexible and sleek.

* Battery is slimmer and a lot powerful.
* You can now choose from colored covers. (lilac, pink, silver, white, black)
* Standard 3.5mm headphones will still work, but the new jack configuration won’t be compatible with the existing PSP remote.
* Now supporting AV output cables in which you can now view on a larger screen. Cable will be sold separately.
* The new PSP can be charged over USB–opening the possibility that you’ll be able to use more generic power adapters, and charge straight from a PC.
* The weight is reduced up to 33%.

im excited for upcoming upgrades of PSP, as it gets better and better. Sony is indeed doing their research. 😉


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