alright, so its T-time again (tigbakan) ito po lamang ay isang paalala para sa mga mahilig makipag transaction via online. read this carefully kase baka makaencounter nyo tong taong ito or ang kanyang mga katribu.

eversince i have this psp gadget, ive been dealing with different ppl who assisted me in iso, movies, even up to upgrade of the firmware versions, at masasabe kong wala akong naging saket ng ulo dealing with ppl from, cuz they are so accomodating and offering cheaper products. kung meron man akong naging fault is dealing outside the said forum. and so i tried ebay, looking for a video converter application in which will support converting vob files, mp4, avi, wmv to other video file types. then there’s this one found match dun sa search ko, he was selling a full version of video converter for only P250. wow, sabe ko ok na un for a full version, and knowing that it can convert dvd compliant-movies to psp format. astig. so i contacted the poster na itatago ko sa pangalang John Mark R. i asked him if the disk is gonna be sent to me or so, sabe nya for my convenience, bat di na lang isend saken ung file via email. at that time, napapaisip na ako as to why cant this person just burn that file for me….unless he is going to sell the same program to others. so sabe ko, alright just send me the link ill check out the program. and on his own wordings, ganto ang pagkakasabe nya saken.

ill send you the file via email. and if your satisfied with my product, you then deposit the money. (he wants me to check the program first and if im satisfied ill pay him right?)

so i downloaded the file, transfer to my pc, pero diko pa nachecheck dahil wala ako sa mood para gawin to. so technically, i havent seen the program yet. now this kolokoy of ours, send an email to me harassing me to pay him, na as if i wont send him any penny. so i replied back, explained that i havent seen the program yet and ill be sending the payment later in the afternoon. now to my curiousity as to why this guy ay nagmamadaling mabayaran, i searched for the filename he sent me kase naalala ko pa since i transferred it to my pc….and guess what gusto kong bumulagta sa kakatawa when i figured out that the software is actually a freeware, available for download anytime, anywhere.

so right now im thinking, kung payment lang walang problema. ill pay him the said amount, kikitain ko naman un eh. but certainly this guy is a potential manggagantso, for asking a payment for something not even owned by him. abah eh i might as well just download it na lang than paying this ogre an amount in which he doesnt truly deserve. ok na sana, diko na sana mahahalata, but his attitude made me discover what he is hiding.

tsk, tsk, bad dawg!


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