when my officemate asked me to put in an online simulation website, i thought it was spelled “swerve.” however it should be swirve. right now, ill be dealing with something new and stuff to know, get familiar with and learning to get over after few months of playing around. some would call this as another “waste of time”….but what are the things that we can really call “junks?”

when u think u had enough already, probably a newly delivered volvo car on the garage, in a silverish paint, and mind u, u got the latest dvd/cd-subwoofer stereo inside, when ur oozing 6 footer hearthrob partner, whom all of the girls adore in ur junior years, drop by at ur house just to see u and of course u get a phonecall from ur boss asking u for the higher position uve been waiting for all these years, u really think that ur so damn lucky and that u wont be part of the “hogwash” club. but when ure just alone in ur room, trying to sleep, u really know that ure missing some things and that you are wasting 70% of ur lifetime doing and having the things u dont really need. come on, dont deny it!

so ull wake up one morning, asking urself, what am i doing with my life? u shook ur head and blame the liquor u took from the party last night.

but the thing is, that could be ur inner self, trying to talk to u and say these words…”what the fuck are u doing? u call it LIVING? ure half dead already cuz u dont know where ure going…”

and maybe, i am half dead too burying my own self to where i should belong.



  1. wow, that’s so deep, I’m in that kind of thinking right now… half of the time I feel so … that I lack so many things, that progress is so slow and half of the time, I feel that everything is going so fast that I can’t keep up. But I think it all depends on our perspective, on how we see things, if I die and get to live again, would I still live this kind of life? 🙂 Hope it makes sense though hehe senseless stuff always comes out of my mind as can be seen with my posts hehe anyway, thanks for the link ha! 🙂


  2. Even if you have a nice car, a perfect partner, or even if you’re drowning yourself i luxury to the point of not knowing what to do with all your money, it still doesn’t mean you will be happy.

    Most of the time, those people who “doesn’t have everything” are the happiest.

    And people, don’t really get satisfied with anything. So “enough” is rather ideal.

    Just my two cents, though. 🙂


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