yesterday i watched “Breach” that stars Ryan Phillippe, Laura Linney & Chris Cooper. the director, billy ray describes the film as “a story about lying in the pursuit of truth. this movie is inspired by true events in the world of the FBI and put Eric O’Neill (Phillippe) for this assignment. in his pursuit of being an agent, he accepted the job though he already know how smart the veteran operative Robert Hanssen (Cooper). this movie may not be poking up much of your adrenaline but the transition is so plausible. kung magkakaroon lang ng mga undercover agents in our country for government officials who are suspected to be “moles”……ilang “breach” pa ba ang matutuklasan naten?!

if we are to put in a situation, to know the truth but will definitely hit us badly or to run away from it and just be careless about it?! sometimes it feels good to be careless, kase parang the more we know things, the more we become curious, the more we can do drastic things to know the truth. pero hinde ba isang karapatan ang malaman kung ano ba talaga ang totoo, whats the real score, anong baho nya, whats going on, what lies beneath the smiles?! siguro ang tanong na to ay applicable sa lahat ng klase ng sitwasyon, sa trabaho, sa pamilya at sa relasyon. and no matter how heavy the gravity of the consequence in knowing the truth, everyone deserves it. we all deserve to know the truth may it be painfully delivered, sweet or, slowly.

ikaw marami ka na bang bagay na itinatago? how do u manage to handle the situation?


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