bigger possibilities

ive been hanging around this new car racing game created by EA, which is also the makers of NBA Live07. EA has continued to produce some solid street racers under this Need for Speed Carbon. this game continues the story where NFS most wanted left off. Most wanted ended with you getting your stolen car and running out of the city of Rockport. At the start of Carbon, you can own a city and create your own crew. if ure after customization, this would be a recommended game most especially when it comes to details.


i thought at first it was like any ordinary boring car games, but when i started customizing my own car like painting it, choosing the engine, its tint up to its layout, cant stop playing. the learning curve in playing this game would just be around 30 minutes. so its not gonna be impossible if i keep NFS carbon in my game folder.

i find this Microsoft Surface very interesting, at one flick of a finger in your table, ur pics are already transferred to your camera. This product was announced last may and is about to enter the market some time in november. initial customers will be in the hospitality businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, retail, and public entertainment venues.

Isnt it cool? having this Microsoft Surface, your desktop becomes a computer. Amff parang gusto ko nito, heheh.

OT: Wanna get ideas on what to wear during prom nights? what about being the homecoming queen??? why don’t u visit the link and you will be given ideas on whats hot and not.


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