gamer or an addict?

Have u tried being in ur room for 3 consecutive days without taking a bath, but not feeling a total mess? u dont talk to ur family anymore, u ignore ur friends and ur grades are failing? the culprit is not alcohol or drugs. yes, its video games.

Did u know that up to 90% of american youngsters play video games and 15% are addicted to it? alam mo rin ba na ang mga espesyalista sa merika ay tinuturing na parang coccaine ang video games?

“He would threaten us physically. He would curse and call us every name imaginable,” she said. “It was as if he was possessed.”

this form of addiction may not yet be imminent in our country, but we cannot deny the fact that there’s a solid percentage that is hooked into world of gaming. lots of kids aging from 8 till 15 are hooked into overuse online role playing games involving multiple players as what the report says. WOW or world of warcraft is included on the most popular games. blizzard entertainment spokesman declined to comment whether their games can cause addiction. (well of course no one would admit that they do.)

but in all seriousness, if this gaming habit becomes a headache not only no the family but also to the community then i think medical attention is needed. abah kung hindi ka na nga naman naliligo at hindi ka na rin nagkakaen dahil sa walang tigil mong pagpindot ng controllers, eh nakow walang mangyayari sayo nyan. if the behavior of the child is getting worst after getting inclined with sleepless gaming nights, wag ka ng pumetics petics pa, consider them as victims of this gaming addiction.

whew, mabuti na lang mahilig lang ako sa games, pero hinde pa ako addict. (sign number 1: in denial! hahah)


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