E for effort

currently im submersed with stuff running around my head, career, family, future, yada yada. this vex feeling is killing me. on times like this, i appreciate shopping for myself, hehe ūüėõ something i cant get over with. i swear im gonna buy that bag i saw in the store! but wait, i might have spent much but the problem would¬†still be¬†there, ohh too bad. ūüė¶

someone told a story about a good man offering his own credit card to be used in buying a plane ticket for a nun who needs to travel in a remote place to pray for a dying kid. the kid was saved and the family is looking who the guy was to thank him, but for whatever reason he cannot be found. they tried searching using the name he had given, using the credit card details but to no avail. according to them, that guy could be an angel. twas a long time ago since i heard a story like this. nakakatayo ng balahibo eh, hehe.

so right now im facing another¬†stage of my life, at my age i should be thinking ahead of where i would really wanna be. at the same time, considering my real purpose here. im soaked with the idea that we need to think about careers, future family and all…but at the back of my mind i always ask myself, what for? what are these things for if we are not gonna be sure how long we will be staying here in this world?¬†im not saying goodbye in that sense but im beginning to wonder now the impact ive created on the things around me and the people im with. im beginning to question if being perturbed is the result of¬†my restlessness. argghh, i need vitamins!


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