ratratan na!

its about a week now since i started playing this superb game Metal Gear portable ops. btw, it was given 9.0 rating by gamespot and im not surprised. i never played the same game for about a week eversince i had this psp. metal gear portable ops impresses me with its deep storyline and its campaign is so addictive. the storyline was adapted from the old versions of metal gear in psp where Snake is the main character. i love the organization of this game as you can manage all your recruits, change their equipments, put them as either technical or medical units. the recruits placed in medical units produce rations and medical kits which you can use in case ure running out while you are on missions. the equipment selection is great and mim becoming familiar with guns because of this game, heheh.


at first im having a hard time with the controls but as soon as i get the touch of it, i cannot put down my psp anymore. the mission to find the perfect soldier is good and the every action scene is so intense. i like the video clips as it presented well the storyline which is good for newbies of metal gear. u dnt need to have a background on the ps2 metal gears to play this game. some says that the concept becomes an open ended mission….and thats for me to find out if ill be excited or get bored. so far, so good.

OT: after metal gear, im planning to sulk myself in reading ebooks Veronika decides to die & By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept by Paulo Coehlo. heheh oopps im not even finished with the confessions of a shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. when i went to a bookstore, my shopaholic book version is the oldest, and its funny because the book becomes a series like shopaholic and a sister, shopaholic and a baby, etc. SHOPAHOLICS are everywhere, heheh. now u know, i got too much to do, yet so little time 😛


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