dont you say that “magic word”

scenario: John Estrada, a local actor was detained for half an hour in General santos city for refusing to get his baggage be inspected. according to the PNP-Aviation security group, this happened at around 10am before the actor’s flight back to manila. John told the security officer that he got no “bomb” on his luggage so no need to get it examined. pnp aviation inspector invited the actor for further questioning. when john saw cameras from the media men, he gave them a “curse sign.” (dirty finger)

analysis: crap! being an actor should not exempt him from the aviation standard operating procedures. if he doesnt want his things be examined then dont bring anything but his pompous self. lucky for him, our aviation security group got high regards to actors and actresses. for some other countries, the word “bomb” is considered to be a delicate word, as some are being beheaded by joking about this. john is definitely lucky. im disturbed about his F*** sign, so inhumane.


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