weekend thrill

thursday…last work day of this week, glad ill be resting again and considering of “getting busy” this weekends. it will be a day of watchin lotsa movies and other stuffs. too bad other friends wont be available this week, im actually in the mood of goin out.

im modifying my old shoutbox as it was being filtered by the IT ppl here at work. yes, now u know im typing this entry at work, harharhar. how poor that i myself cant even view my existing chatbox. in part of moving on, i have to be creative to find another shoutbox in which will be viewable by everyone including me. so i come up with struggling for search on google, adding multiple hits and at last found oggix. right now im in the process of transferring data to the new shoutbox. so just standby friends, ill come up with the polished shoutbox by next week.

were almost midway of this year and time is fleeting so fast, so fast that i didnt even notice that election is approaching. (who cares about the politicians anyway?) up to now i dont have a clear list of who will be my set of senators. with the crimes and runarounds that i hear everyday, with thousands of jobless ppl around me, with small rate of salary that im getting every payday, with the value of P500 nowadays, with the corrupt government officials with their new scandals, i dont have time anymore thinking of who will be next leaders and lawmakers cuz nothing has changed for the past years, N-O-T-H-I-N-G. this is a place where corruption and poverty become fad.

however something inside me is wondring if it is us, the voters, who are to blame for choosing bad set of leaders. for considering their TV campaigns more than their platforms. for being ignorant of our rights to vote. for finally giving up and wont care anymore at this country. if theres one small step we can do to abscond from this adversity. a change that must start from us, then we carry on to the community, to the entire society. i just hope that this entire process of campaign and election is like an interview process, where vicious applicants will soon to be fired, and the better ones will remain standing.

i can only hope for the better. (hope is an exaggerated word.)


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