PDF files on PSP


Sony PSP amazes me when there are lots of things to do other than playing games. For homebrew users who have the 1.5 version, u can try Bookr as your PDF reader to put in your gadget. to install simply copy the __SCE__bookr and %__SCE__bookr folders to your Memory Stick PSPGAME folder. not all versions can use this program, u can try to convert the pdf file as a notepad file and access it from your browser by putting in the path and filename.

Just to add some tips on that small but terrible PSP, did you know that you could actually play your flash games downloaded from www.miniclip.com, plus you dont need to convert your wma music files to MP3 just to transfer it to your PSP. To enable the Flash and WMA in your PSP, perform a hard reset on your gadget, this means that you have to hold the power button for about 10 seconds and power it off. keep on tapping the R-key while powering on your gadget. on the menu, simply go to the Registry hacks section by pressing the X-button. Activate the WMA and Flash player.


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