the 3Cs

my bro and i met sir maykel from pinoypsp forum and have my psp upgraded to 3.03 OE, and right now im enjoying the privilege of playing the ISO right?!? so here’s one of the games i would like to give some feedback and i can tell that im already hooked into it.

Chili Con Carnage’s main story follows Ramiro (or Ram), who goes to visit his government-agent father at work one day to bring him a birthday present–a box full of kittens. The father and son commiserate for a moment as the father opens his gifts. But not two seconds after the father utters the word “kittens!” does a gigantic thrasher come crashing into his office, with a cackling villain behind the wheel, giggling with glee as Ram’s father (and those poor, poor kittens) are horribly murdered. And that’s not even the most ridiculous thing to happen in the game. As Ram goes on a revenge hunt to kill those responsible for his father’s death, Ram finds himself mixed up with several wacky Mexican crime lords, from a bull-charging behemoth to a drug lord with his own jet fighter.

for those who are interested in GTA, u might also wanna try this, ull be up to lots of challenges and the u cant get enuf of the story mode, u just cant stop playing it…(unless ure running out of battery already heeh) so, my rating for this, would be 7.0 out of 10 and thats for the game story.

after i downloaded some episodes of Prison Break season 2, my windows media player is of no use since wala akong available codecs for it. whats make it more harder, is that my home pc is not connected to the internet. good thing is naimbento ang Total Video Converter kung saan kahit anong video files, regardless kung wala or meron or kulang ang inyong codecs na nakainstall sa pc, you are still able to view your videos. all video format will run in this converter even the psp video files will do. oh di ba, life made easy with this remarkable program, try nyo 😀


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