happy new year

this is my first entry for 2007, and as much as i wanted to compose something sensible, i just dont know how, heheh! if ure wondring how our family celebrated new year’s eve, believe me, ull be more excited to know why “polgoso” is the name of marimar’s pet. its so typical that we didn’t even notice twas already past midnight. no more traditional kiddos jumping around with coins on their pockets, no more oranges or any fruits on the table, no more firecrackers and no more visitors. with my statement above, its not that im whining, its realizing the traditions that we have given up.


just to wade off this boredom, i get myself fascinated playing ps with fight night round 2….duh im dying to see version 3!!! btw, i heard pacquiao is a lot better in round 3. knock him down kid! its given that i played the whole night, waiting for midnight to come, yet missed it, heheh, yeah sounds crazy, but blame it to this game and tekken 5. 😉

looking for something grisly this weekend???? get a copy of this movie…if u have seen the movie “wrong turn” its gonna be like this.


what about u, how did u spend ur new year?


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