movie marathon

watching dvd movies is my favorite diversion. but i considered myself a virgin in watching korean movies. maybe im excited with the fact that i have to read the subtitle instead of listening. or maybe the korean scriptwriters create a different twist on the story line. or siguro sawa na lang talaga ako sa filipino movies, heheh.

just recently, im into korean movies, i have watched windstruck, my sassy girl, the sex zero and innocent steps. among the four, im fond watching the latter, ang galing kase ng execution ng pagbaballroom ni chae-ryn, heheh.

(ending part of the movie)
before, i thought na khit kelan, di ko makakahiligan ang manood ng mga asian movies. but i was wrong cuz im already hooked into it. isa na to sa mga hinahanap kong movie sa dvd stands. minsan tuloy, gusto ko ng tanungin ang sarili ko….handa na ba akong kumain ng KIMCHI?!?!?!

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