christmas humbags

on this year’s yuletide season, i never had a barrel of monkeys, as some would probably have. some would interpret xmas as giving gifts, new clothes or items to buy and tons of chows to eat. mine is a bit unlikely. aside from the fact that i have been dealing with a lot of stuff lately, it is imminent that ill be celebrating this season quite steadily…there are some who are going to different places, last-minute shopping, partying and celebrating, like y’know “the old stuffs.” its unconventional that ppl will remember visiting churches today, which i did (for whatever reason) and got paid off. and u know what?? its the first time, i felt that xmas is something within. if they say that christmas is indeed the birth of jesus christ, how come, ppl are the ones exchanging gifts? 😛

one of the old christmas tradition that id like to keep is being with my family. of course! it doesnt have to be extravagant or so, it shud be enough to full our tummies, hehe. (this is what im talking about)


its a bit startling that things that irritate me these past few weeks, is waning glidely. i just cant imagine myself if christmas is celebrated everyday…hehe! Merry Christmas everyone!

Hey, do we really need to celebrate christmas?


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