losing faith

i aint talking about religion, but this is about the previous employer, that is becoming a pain in my neck. right now, i still cannot say that im over them as they still owe something from me. what a waste of time. with their negligence in doing such a minor job, it took me this long and still, nada. and now im having a clear view why leaving them its a right move.

recently i have learned that during is pronounced as du-ring (not ju-ring) and interference is read as in-ter-FI-rens, and not enterperens na tinuro sa ten ng mga uncle angkol nateng technician. at lahat ng ito ay dahil sa www.m-w.com, this is a helpful site for those who are in doubt on how to pronounce an english word, because of the sound feature. even tra-ke-ya (trachea) na tinuro sa ten ng elementary teacher naten is all crap. kaya para dika na mabitag sa maling pagbasa, you can visit the meriam webster online dictionary.

yesterday before i went to bed, i watched the movie my super ex-girlfriend that stars uma thurman and luke wilson. its fun to watch, though the beginning is a bit boring, you can figure out the important stuff, at the middle of the story. however, i enjoyed it. COOL!

and to the gamers, NBA 2007 already out for PSP. (PSP will soon be mine :P)


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