pag may leak, i-vulcaseal!

News: The test leakage in the June 2006 Nursing Board Examination has been traced to Baguio City, ABS-CBN News’ Bandila reported Monday. The report by Ces Drilon cited information from a store owner in the city who told her that test papers were photocopied on her machine. “Sabi nung una, punta na kayo sa baba sa review center may good news ako. Sure na sure na 100 percent na ito yung lalabas (I heard one of them telling the others to go down the review center. That person had good news and was 100-percent sure that the photocopied questions would appear during their examination),” store owner Vicky de los Reyes told Drilon. Information gathered by Drilon said that at least 2,000 copies of a questionnaire were photocopied at de los Reyes’ store the night before the board exam on June 11 and 12. Some nursing graduates interviewed told Drilon that on the day of the exam, they saw the photocopies of the questionnaire held by reviewers of the Gapuz Review Center. “They said it was a leakage from Gapuz so I asked them if I could read it. Then, one suggested to have the paper photocopied while another man offered his copy,” said a student who declined to be named.

sidenotes: only in the philippines to, ang lugar kung saan sari saring balita ang maririnig mo, at kadalasan, baho ng kapwa pinoy. so eto ang latest, leakage in a licensure examination for nursing. ang galing ng timing, kung kelan foreign countries are beginning to trust the skills of our nurses, saka naman nag boom ang news na to. possible cause? personal intention, maybe its the fault of the regulatory board who created the exams, i mean kanino pa ba manggagaling ung source, but from them. or maybe it cud be the students who in search to pass and have the-so-called “better life” here and in abroad, gagawin ang lahat masunod lang ang gusto nila. pwede rin na its the fault of the review centers who wanted to get prestige by claiming na marameng board passers sa centers nila. hay ewan ko sa kanila.

up to now, everyone is pointing their index with one another. im in doubt that this issue will be resolved in the next months. their solution? to hold the oathtaking or remove the items that appeared on the actual leakage. damn, this is just temporary, i mean khit pa bawasan nyo ung mga items na un, the fact that na may nangyaring dayaan is a bit alarming khit pa sa non-related to nursing course like me. in the future, i dont wanna be assisted by nurses who are not competent enough and would say sorry in case mali ng service na binigay saken. on the other side, i pity those who truly went through the entire process of reviewing and examination with all honesty. however the impact of this issue, not only to all the nurses in the philippines, but to the values of every filipinos is already tainted. no matter what we do, we cannot bounce back easily  from this unless a major change is gonna take place. mahirap talaga if pati education is nagiging negosyo na rin.

and sometimes hearing stuff like this, i wonder, if i should be really proud to be a filipino….what u think?


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