NBA results: alright so finally its the Heat who won over the Mavs, almost like a sweeping victory for them. i imagine how happy gary payton is for finally getting a championship win just before ending his contract with the Heat, hehe. thats actually whats good about NBA, the result is seemingly unpredictable. congratz to Heat!

PBA results: were going local right now. so with the semis, its alaska-purefoods and the other team san miguel-red bull. my folks know that im an alaska fan so ive been watching the semis and hoping that they will be on finals. its been 2-0 lead for alaska, whew im reminded of the mavs-heat series hehehe. well hopefully the defense and the transition baskets will work for alaska. as what they have done guarding the gunners of purefoods, im sure they could still do the same intensity for the next games.

Australia’s top model: ive been following up the series one of this reality show hosted by erika heynatz. its gemma sanderson who finally took the first top model crown. lot of intrigues, challenges they have encountered just to get that top spot. last time i saw is that zoe has been out of the team, whom i thought got a better chance of winning. sam is also a competitive and dedicated challenger but came short reaching the finals. its like a win from behind what gemma did on this show. she may not be that aggressive but she sure prove to everyone that she’s the perfect next Australia’s top model. god i love their accent!!!


Gamezone: alrighty, i was asked by my colleague to try this simulation online monster game. its about vampires vs werewolves, almost same concept with the mafiosos. you were given golds, to train ur playah, to raid other clans, to buy items, increase your levels so u could buy ur hound and to work in the graveyard for u to earn golds. i wonder how this simulation game started.


Pressure: im in the middle of the biggest pressure i could ever be. here comes the same situation last year wherein we are asked to make a decision, a huge decision. i dont wanna be tied up again to another choice because im drawn to that, but rather choosing it cuz i love to. but i guess wala na atang ganun. so eto eol na naman kame, im thinking if i shud stay once more or not. im also thinking that if i stay, what challenges will i face, aside from the new faces ill meet again. if ill go, what will i do sa bahay, i might bored myself to death. im pressured to choose. felt like im running out of time. time for what? that i dont know. but i guess whatever im into, i know where to place myself, im just hoping that things will turn out right.

Personal: what can i say? well mahirap talaga to make drastic moves, then soon we feel sorry for it. i dont wanna hear ur voice cuz it makes me weak. i dont wanna remember things that u do cuz it makes me sadder. i dont wanna hear things about u cuz its driving me crazy. but no matter what i do, no matter how many denials i make, ure still around. para kang aninong sunod ng sunod, na minsan meron pero nawawala. argghh i wanna go nuts!


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