biting the dust and a sip of frap

for 3 consecutive days ive been waking up so early than the usual time i should be. dammit, just get 3-4 hours of sleep and staying outside for over 12 hours, what more can i expect? i got no one or nothing to blame, its just that lately ive been bothered with a pain in my tummy. but all things are good now…i hope. my body is tired and finally it was only today that i get my sleep back into order.

so for the past days, ive been watching deal or no deal show of kris aquino (who else?) in abs-cbn. its actually the same show uve probably watched hosted by howie mandel, where there are 26 cases amounting from P1 to 2 million pesos. (wow ang lake diba).

for people who would be interested to just get some pennies, pwede na to. u dont need to be brainy to play this game, u just need right timing. its purpose is to simply give money in a prolonged manner, not much of a substance here. para kang pumupusta sa kung magkano ang laman ng case na nakuha mo. plus ure praying that for every case u choose, u dont get the highest amount else babaratin ka ni banker. yeah right, the banker na who’s located sa top part nung stage, will call kris to give the amount. funny concept huh.

sometimes im thinking, 30 minutes is too much for this type of game, if the show is this simple, then why dont they just throw the money to the air and give it to us?

sesh, blissy and i had breakfast at starbucks. it was good of blissy to treat us ng walang okasyon. huwaw, iba talaga pag big time na. diko na mareach. hehe we had some chitchat, ultimo jokes ng forwarded email eh napag-usapan, pati na rin si jun na bagong love interest ni sesh hehe.


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