my little bride

weekends, ive watched 2 korean movies, yep i know this is something new to me. hehe blame it to my sister whos hooked in borrowing this type of movies. i just find it interesting that korean movies fall to comedy type of movie up to the saddest stories. as usual, i like the fun type, so we watched My Little Bride that is about the typical arranged marriage of Boeun (Moon Geun-yeong), an ordinary 15-year old high school girl who has a crush on a baseball player at school(Park Jin-woo), and Sangmin (Kim Rae-won), who grew up with Boeun and is now in college, always make fun of Boeun and treats her like a little sister.


the story revolves around the life of a young couple who always fight and get into their throats upon confrontations.


its entertaining to watch cuz sangmin is the typical playful type of hubby who thought he could control his young wife, but its the other way around. some display of jealousy is included in this movie, plus funny characters were added to add spice in the movie. in the end, both of them realizes that they are falling for each other and that being married with one another is something to be proud of.


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