friday madness

in the midst of enjoying lemar’s song, what about love im fascinated how the thoughts are put into lyrics. in addition to that, the rhythm is flavorful but not that sentimental. not mellow enough for broken hearted ppl to cry over.

you can check out on the lower right of this page about the lyrics of this song. thanks to sesh for the mp3 upload.

moving on, its friday weekend is approaching but im still restless and my work is about to start. but as usual, diko feel mag work, maybe later. so as i surf from the internet, i saw deanimator game found in ebaumsworld site. for bored ppl like me, i guess this can fill up my time till my shift finishes.

its almost past 3pm, when i went home yesterday. aside from spending my time to other stuff, i would love to come home and just sleep, not think about anything. i wish i cud do that…even for the next days. these past few days, i have realized so many things, here are just a few:

– the people we love are the same people who can truly hurt us, that will hit us badly.

– dont ignore the small stuff. big arguments start from it.

– we can never turn back time. we can just be hopeful.

– anger will not cause any good to any relationships. it blinded us to see the essential ones.

– during hardships, u can count on few good friends. thank goodness we have them.

– life does not end where you think it is. but it has began the moment u realize it.

– value the things u have, ull be needing them in the future.

– love, hurt, learn, apply. its a never ending process, dont stop at one stage.


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