to choose or not to choose

monday. lots of stuff to do, however i submitted the report already, ohh yeah this early. so last week, we found out things that made me a little surprised. one of which is finding someone to replace my colleague who will be doing another job now. right, we are asked to look for someone who we would like to work with and vice versa. it will be a voluntary application for the position that we offered. but till now, we have no listings of who the candidates will be. i dont know if its part of our job or its already my leader’s task to provide the schedule of the interview…

so here now lies a question, who are we gonna choose? after all the controversies, we have people here whom we wanted to at least apply for the position as we see potentials from them. oh yeah we do recognize their promising skills. im not too sure if its very filipino that when i try to approach them like getting feedback if they are interested with the promotion, they responded in a timid tone as if wondring why i wanted them to apply. well of course, do i have to tell it straight to their faces “guys ure good, so try it.”…of course if ill be finding someone to work with, definitely its someone who knows what he/she is doing and can get the job done. aside from being an interesting person, he/she must be interested with what were actually doing. interested, hmm for how long? hehe guess thats another matter.

part of this so called “promotion” will be some interested candidates, whom for whatever reason are so eager to grab this opportunity. in which along the way, become a pain in our necks. and as we would like to put away partiality, i would like to give questions during interview that would crack their brains once in a while.

another thing is who would decide to choose the right candidate? alright we have inputs to whom we could possibly want to be “the one” however we still have our immediate supervisors that could interfere with it. i just hope that “palakasan” will never be an issue here. that thing will outmaneuver the purpose of conducting the interviews, i mean you know, u might as well appoint someone in the position if that will the case. however, as they say history repeats itself. i hope not, else were all gonna be dead.


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