wats your iq?

minsan gusto kong ma gets kung papano nasusukat ang iq ng tao. sabe nila that the aim of an IQ test is to measure the intelligence of a child, which supposedly is an indication of the child’s potential. but where does the test come from and does it really measure potential? pang bata lang ba talaga to?

IQ stands for intelligence quotient. the conception that it is a score that tells one how “bright” a person is compared to other people, tipong gifted child. ang memory na maaalala ko lang is that si albert einstein daw ay may iq na 140-150 plus. wow! oh eh ano naman, hehe.

when i was 16, took the entrance examination sa isang unibersidad, may nakalagay dung iq score of 119. syempre i dont mind considering the scores, besides di rin naman ako pumasok sa skul na un. so right now nacurious ako if tumataas ba talaga ang iq ng tao. if tumataas dapat marami ng matured ppl ang matalas ang isipan..that is kung tumataas nga ang iq nila. or does iq results reflects how intelligent you are? hmm, that i dont know.

i tried taking up ung nirefer ni skwayred na link. and just for me to know kung ano na ba ang iq ko ngayon or kung meron pa ba?!? the website has the iq test, medyo may passing grade nga lang. hehe parang skul.


opo, tama po yang nababasa nyo hindi ko po inedit sa photoshop yan, nagkataon lang at naswertehan dahil nakapasa ako sa test na un. may passing grade sila na 124 para sa mga taong interesadong sumali sa samahan nila. pero ano ba talga sinusukat ng iq tests na yan ha?

one problem i can see is that the term intelligence can never be defined adequately and so nobody knows what an iq test is supposed to measure. although it cud possibly test ur reading skills on how to perceive directions, your color and number sequence, the mathematical abilities and general knowledge, but how accurate it is? baket sa dinami dami ng iq tests, why its all not the same? why there are discrepancies?

sabe nga nila that measures of intelligence may be valuable — although the value is often overrated — but much harm can be done by persons who try to classify individuals strictly on the basis of such measures alone. no one should be either alarmed or discouraged if he finds that his IQ is not as high as he might have hoped.

as for me, im doing it for fun, the fact that theres a score na dapat ipasa is challenging enuf for me. however diko naman masyadong dinidibdib ang pagkakaroon ng score sa iq, lots of ppl have better scores than mine, and thats how it is. tska baka sumaket ang ulo ko kung pano iinterpret ang iq. alam nyo naman na ang brains parang tyan yan…sumasaket kapag walang laman. (chuckles)


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