CIBOg time!!!

last saturday, sesh and i were thinking of some place to eat. we pass by Cibo (pronounced chee-bo, means food in Italian). a cool and vibrant atmosphere is accentuated with expressive art in the form of new-age restau design and a hand-blown glass of iced tea. we actually had a hard time ordering which one to have as the orders are in itallian name dishes, the description help us a little to choose what to eat. i miss eating italian fud, so we had the white sauce pasta and the oval pizza, which obviously di namen naubos.

if you notice na parang may mga small cars sa top left, yeah were in the window view, lilinawin ko lang na di sya part ng ingredients or di sya matchbox na design sa plate, heheh. twas a long day for us, kwentuhan na nag umpisa sa kinder years till college. wahehe, epekto ata ng pizza kumbaket dipa kame antok nun.


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