oyster boy

twas almost 2pm when we left the office as we head towards cubao to have our lunch. yup ngayon lang kame maglalunch after a very long day. biglaang plano kaya natuloy, not to mention na niyaya ko rin my other friend to join us. masarap kaseng kumaen kapag may kaagaw. so we went to oyster boy and grab crispy pata plus sinigang…and of course mas nakakabusog ung kwentuhan.


this pic was actually found on the ceiling of oyster boy, looks fascinating though. anyways, so there are stuff that we talk about that obviously must not be here…though i learned one thing, that its ok to scare urself sometimes, like u know do things that is not so ordinary of u, make critical decisions without any inhibitions. thanks to my kumares for the sharing.

after that we are about to watch the final destination 3, but since theres no time slot available we decided to take a sip of chocolate macademia in gloria jeans…that is for the frustrations of not seeing the movie…halinat makapag kape.

salamat na din at crowded ang starbucks at that time, kaya eto were able to try another coffee tambayan. try it.

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