as part of my additional work and my initiative to provide corrective measure to my agent, ive given a feedback to someone regarding our support thru email, i pointed out the mistakes, ive given corrections to that, the agent acknowledged it, and thats feedback. my wrong move is to add my leader in the mailing list. hehe why? well for as simple as not understanding what feedback means. what is feedback? according to, feedback is the return of information about the result of a process or activity; an evaluative response.

to my surprise with his reply, he said that i should pull out the concerned agent and provide he necessary feedback. my mind started to freak out and laughing at the same time…..where in the world u get the idea that i have to personally talk to someone to produce feedback? do u know what feedback means? do u know that the email i sent is already considered as “feedback?” whew!

to make it more amusing, he used his emotions instead of brains by saying…”I agee with you on that but it wont hurt if you can give feedback personally……you can do this next time.”

wtf?!!? i really dont know what he wanted me to do, whether if ill do that today or next time. i dont even know if he realizes what feedback is and what for…i dont know if i shud tell him when i do this again.


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