up from the grave

para akong nalibing sa ilalim ng lupa, sa tagal kong di na update tong mumunti kong blog site. haayy kung baket kase parang nagkakasabay sabay lahat ng bagay, at tila nakikipag unahan at agawan sayo ang oras. for the past three days, may natanggap akong texts telling me my duties about my work.

huwat?!? pano nila nalaman that this work is occupying so much of my time. including my sanity. hehe well medyo exaggerated un. yet half meant.

pero di nga, after new year, akala ko fresh start, kaso were being overwhelmed by the fact that there are more things to expect this coming year…meaning more work load. argghh, ok sori at sadyang tamad lang talaga ako pag pinag uusapan ang additional work. but what im getting at is, i cannot take that im giving too much, but not getting any. gets nyo? sana, pero ako hinde eh.. kase malabo. and after a very long time, i feel the word “pressure” again, na pinilit kong makalimutan cuz i know that if i recognize that word again, ill screw up. glad i didnt.

so un nga, naisip ko tuloy na i cant blame my officemate for feeling resigning kung ganun nga naman ang bubungad sa taon mo. it serves as the triggering point for her to make that huge step in deciding to resign. what a relief for her. on my part, though this is quite a hassle for me, dipa dumarating ung point na un. siguro malapit na rin, nag aantay rin lang ako ng tamang timing to make things work right. of course di naman ung actual na trabaho talaga ang mahirap eh, maraming factors, pero ang pinakaimportante is, ano ba ang matututunan mo sa trabaho mo. technical aspect? natututunan yan, khit outside the office. social skills? if u have friends and family, and willing to meet ppl outside, u can enhance that not just in work area. compensation? other companies can give u better compensation. so ano ba talaga ang pinakaimportante? attitude.

when i sign in for the contract, it doesnt state there that my character is being paid by the company. for some certain extent, ung work load ko lang ang binayaran nila, hindi ung buong pagkatao ko, so i shud be ok in that setup. but if worse comes to worst, i know that i have to leave this cemetery that has been wanting to keep my bones buried under.


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