i receive an email from an agent who is antagonized by our presence. (second level support) thus his rationale on the works of his immediate officers –> us, is obviously inconsiderable.

I would like to address the lack of L2 support from 1:00 am – 1:15 am, even though that its just 15 minutes, L2 should be available during support hours. And please, if your having your own L2 meeting, keep in mind its still support hours so you have to be available and visible. Keep your meeting within the floor. No need to reply, explanation not needed.

im not sure if ill laugh after receiving that email, but moreover it drives me to reply as fast as i can. i dont want the whole team having the thoughts that we are just like that, being eaten by a gagged up scuzzy monster. we know what exactly happen that time. his claim is that we are not visible during support hours, but the truth is he even approached us and ask a “no sweat” question. so why his yackety-yak? i dont know where it came from but i heard that this guy wanted us out in the position. his action drove us into a conclusion that we have to answer it for us to raise our flags messed by this moronic ogre.

Thank you for letting us know about your concern. Its pretty surprising that for someone who is a responsible agent like you, wouldnt want to know what actually taken place on the said time. However this response is not merely an explanation but rather an observation. Actually we’re already being lenient when it comes to answering questions. Most of the questions asked can be found in the knowledge base and searched using google. There are also times that we answer simple questions that as agents you should already know. Please note that we are not your walking knowledge base and we too have other responsibilties other than attend to all the agents that are on call. Please also be reminded that all agents will have an access to the knowledgebase, should there be any escalation issues then simply approach the L2s. We would like to reiterate that you can only escalate if you have exhausted all the troubleshooting steps. With regard to your comment on visibilities during our meeting, since we are discussing about our support we need to discuss this without disturbing the agents on floor. The matters discussed in our meeting also includes addressing the agents statistics. If we were to discuss this while on floor, we risk demotivating the agents or leakage of plans we are hoping to implement. We have confidence on agents on floor that they can handle every call they take. We have provided refresher trainings and most of you passed the quizzes we created. Although the internal knowledge base is down, the public knowledge base still is one good way of finding solutions, not to mention there’s google. Although we need to discuss our matters in private, we chose to hold our meeting just a few walks away from the production floor. This is so if ever there is an escalation, we’d still be there to provide support. It would be highly impossible that all calls are for escalations. Please make sure that you are doing your job properly before questioning us. To refresh your memory, you were able to ask us a question regarding the Automatic update of Windows and we provided an answer to you on that account. With this said, hope you understand the actions we took. We are not trying to win others to side with us but every coin has two sides and it would be unfair if we are not to express our side. This information has been noted.

…..and that’s the other side of the story.

DISCLAIMER: shud u encounter any person similar to the one i describe above, kindly bring him to the nearest police station or mental hospital.


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