eyes without a face

kahapon while we had our training, since my trainer is psychology graduate so i ask her. sabe ko why khit im right handed, i carry my bag here sa left shoulder, i get stuff using left hand, i put my watch sa left, i tie the knot on my left shoes and una kong tinataas ang left kong paa, in other words most of my actions, i am using my left hand. then she said maybe ure originally left handed, but u learn how to write using my right hand. napaisip ako. pwede pala yun. she even said that for left handed people, they are more inclined with emotions than intelligence. i have a bro na left handed din, but never realize na i could also be classified as left handed..hmm, she could be wrong din naman. i read from an article that writing is not as good an indicater of handedness as it might seem, because many people who write with their right hand use their left for everything else. could i be an example of a left-handed?

all this time, naniwala ako that i am right handed, after what she said, im confused now kung ano ba talaga ako. but regardless of that, i would like to still be ambidextrous hehhe.

i took the freudian personality test, sinubukan ko lang kung totoo at ito ang kinalabasan..

You are an All or Nothing Personality who takes thing to heart and is easily hurt. You’re sensitive to the feelings of others and tend to build up your hopes and expectations – when these don’t materialize you can react with from bouts of depression. Your moods can change from being bright and cheerful one minute to down in the dumps the next. This ‘All or Nothing’ reaction runs through most aspects of your life. You are given to self doubt and are always ready to accept blame when things don’t turn out the way you want. You are basically honest and have little interest in having great wealth, fame or high standing, preferring instead a simple, modest lifestyle. You do however have a tremendous quality of character with high values, great endurance and the ability to survive under difficult conditions. Owing to your character you are more prone to certain neurotic conditions such as depression, a sense of hopelessness resulting in a loss of interest or enthusiasm resulting in a detachment from life. You are given to self-compensation under stress whereby you revert to that earlier time in life when putting things into the mouth was such a comfort. Other people enjoy your company, most of the time, but watch they don’t take advantage of you. You prefer to work behind the scenes rather than in the limelight.


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