Its been awhile…though this post might be a little different compared to the traditional “happy mood” post. my colleague forwarded a bloglink to me telling bad stuff about everything. yes the blogger is like that. sa diko maipaliwanag nyang ugali kung tlaga bang sadya lang syang ganun or just a case of a blog containing impossible charater. now here are some stuff i found on his blogsite. ito po ang naging post ko sa kanya….

They say that blogging is a good way of determining what comprises a REAL man. with that, even a dubious, phony junque may be known just by scrutinizing how he(unless a she) put his thoughts in writings. lets begin…

ihatecofi: “Shit pare! “
assessment: either you cant really say things in straight tagalog or u cant really complete a sentence in straight english without too much effort.
ako: u hate people from call center, because they practice straight english as protocol of their work. and you’re envious of that luxury. while at the same time they can converse in pure tagalog after work without trying so hard. btw, saying “Shit” is scientifically and morally “will-not-make-you-smart” move…in other words, saying that word is JUST a waste of your mouth’s secretion.

ihatecofi: This is my first time to post here. I’m so glad that there’s something like this pala sa net.
assessment: a first timer or maybe just start-off lines like any ordinary nonsensical article.
ako: assuming that you put correct information in your profile, for a 22 year old male to consider this BLOGSITE as a major breakthrough is not surprising at all. Why? as everyone can see that you are doomed with your unrefined carnal instincts, its not impossible that you are not aware of all the good abstracts in life. (hey did u know that even a teenager as young as 13 can be a world class blogger nowadays?)

ihatecofi: I never thought na pwede pa palang magwork ang mga senior citizens dito sa office. I never did like her since the first time I laid my goodlooking eyes on her. Shit pare and I wished I never did because it really got irritated right after.
assessment: disrespectful to elders as your amnesiac mind overlooked the fact that everyone will be a senior citizen in the future. and yeah u will be “uugod-ugod” too. sooner.
ako: yup elders can still be at work, much effective than you and probably can have position higher than what you can all ever achieve because of their experience and maturity. that separates shoddy workers from the classy ones. did you ever wonder why your boss considers that woman as fresh and brilliant employee compared to a 22 year old guy like you? to wit: goodlooking eyes are symbols of healthy eyes that see good things. unfortunately urs got irritated. got the logic?

ihatecofi: Fuck Starbs! They are crowded na by callcenter peeps that’s been crowding makati na like cheap mushrooms. I hate them all, they are all sooo jologs!
assessment: again another example of insecurity, since birth. only closet faggots are capable of saying such delusions.
ako: its improper to say profane words against the establishment. by common sense, they have served their customers fairly. and not because u hate something, meaning its “jologs” already or whatever u call it. it could also mean that you cannot get along with them cuz u dont grasp how normal ppl act…and having ur way, thats jologs.

ihatecofi: Hope they just all drop dead. They are crowding Makati na! It’s like kadire na to work here in Makati because of the callcenter skwakkwaks hanging around. Shit! If one of them mess with my aura, I swear I’m going to shove something up they squatters asses! That will serve them right. Losers!
assessment: what a tragic thinking; any part here in manila is closed to being crowded, so its ludicrous to panic bout being crowded, considering this is a highly populated country; if u cant take majority of people in makati, you have the freedom to fly in Capiz or Apari.
ako: when i search in thesaurus what your word “skwakkwaks” mean, there is no entry found. not even one, not even a similar word to it,,,,,NONE. this is a classic example of a word that has no meaning……like thoughts but no bearing. and btw, a person who is living his everyday life depending on his so called “aura” is considered to be a moocher tainted with a homophile blood.

ihatecofi: Just trying to mingle with mayayamans like us to be regarded as one. The hell! Social climber talaga pare! Good thing I disowned the loser or else I’ll end up like him. The fuck talaga pare! I bet now, he is working as a callcenter peep in Ayala… Haha! He deserves it… Callcenters are for losers! Tehe! I forgot na how my dream ended. Basta the good thing about it is that it ended. Fuck!  <<  on Bad Dreams.
assessment: its frivolous to react on our dreams. but you did which is obviously of your caliber.
ako: i dont think you’re rich…the truth is, u lack attention and u put these stuff, just to possibly fish and get comments from people who has better mind powers than you. ur means of doing a segue is terribly bad….imagine this, from driving to being a social climber ending it up in a call center….no coherence at all. 

ihatecofi: I was making some loud tawas inside the cinema. Really non-stop laughing talaga….I think all the maids on our building altogether made their weekly gathering because there was this group of cheap girls who were giggling like shit. Kainis talaga the tones of their voices. Bad vibes talaga! So I called na Mang Tonyo to pick me up because its late na din and I have to do something pa for office tomorrow.
assessment: poor in language; poor assessment of the blog owner.
ako: making some what? tawas? i thought ur mayaman, why deal with tawas instead of deo? hehe kidding. and fyi the word “really” is actually “talaga” in tagalog. therefore ur statement is redundant. doesnt ring a bell to u? real men dont mind how girls giggle, do u realize that? its funny that you notice it. seeing girls giggle is a lot better than seeing how a male like you have an out-of-this-world way of giggling, and yeah you can count that as a real “SHIT.” (just using your term) ……………you called Mang Tonyo to pick u up because admit it, u urself cant drive…..the way a real man does.

ihatecofi: Puta pare, I never thought some losers will still find this personal journal pa. What’s your problem ba people? Fuck you all no. You’re all such losers kaya
assessment: if u dont wanna get any comment from anyone, you should remove the Comment portion of your site. that is…only if you use your common sense.
ako: lets say that you are rich, that does not give you a leeway to say Puta or Fuck to anyone, for the reason that you hate them. if u always have money in ur wallet, make sure that you bring your manners (if u have) with you everyday, everywhere u go.

ihatecofi: Shit! I’ll just make gala lang ang shop. That’s my forte naman eh. And I’m really good at it. I have a list na nga of things to buy when I get to Rodeo Drive. That is where kasi Prada Epicenter
assessment: let ppl tell where ur good at, else it will just sound as if ure bragging…out of nothing.
ako: real men are not fascinated with shopping. this does not mean that men dont shop but they dont tell the whole world that they enjoy it. for most of the guys, shopping is girlish. once again its funny that u admittedly say that ure into it.

overall conclusion: you cant change everyone. you cant change the world. you cant do something about other people’s behavior. but you can do something about ur works, ur attitude, ur language, ur perspective. with that, ure imperfect…. having that sleazy attitude. your money will not save your soul. you, being rich doesnt make u any better than those things you degrade: elders, ur driver, business entities, call center agents….etc
and not all ppl who claim to be higher than the ordinary, mean that they truly are. it could just be an illusion or a simple retardation. ang maniwala sa sabi-sabi, sira ulo. and i hope ure not one of those.
if u want ur blog to be respected by ppl, then learn the habit of responsible writing and ull get what u deserve.

keep the faith. not ur so called “SHIT”.


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