soothing catastrophe

There was an incident reported yesterday. there is a pregnant woman with her husband came to the hospital to deliver their twin babies. unfortunately due to complications the mom died while on the verge of giving birth to the twin babies. babies are still alive kaso namatay din after napabayaan on the mom’s tummy for 6 hours. u probably wonder why and how it happened. ako nainis after some thoughts of realizing what that hospital did to that poor family. not family anymore, after losing the mom and his kids. guess what, the hospital’s logic is: “we need to first assure that the father of the babies will get money to pay for the hospitalization before we conduct the operation.”

how shitty isnt it? in a place like an infirmary where the main goal is to save life, how come that they did not use the human instinct that a life on the mom’s womb might suffer and be poisoned, and die later? how come that they manage to think first of the profit before saving the lives of the innocent babies?

what about the feelings of the father, who left the hospital just to get the money the hospital requested, then be back and realized that he wont have anybody now? no wife, no babies. with bills to pay. he got nothing.

sometimes i would like to think if who’s really poor in this incident. if its the father who just came from a-not-so-average family, or its the management of the hospital who refuses to save lives in times of emergency unless u give them some pennies??

i just hope this thing will not happen to you.


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