nakakamiss tong blogsite na to. its like its over a week before pa ko makapag update. lately ive been busy with lots of stuffs including the training with the new account. feels like heaven and hell at the same time. heaven cuz its somethin new, hell cuz its a week of training. whew im just not sure if ill be able to cope up that fast.

ang hirap pa cuz it feels like too much to do but dont know where to start. busy sa work, busy sa personal stuff khit na pinipilit kong wag yong mamiss but i cant. parang everytime i get home, saka ko lang naabsorb lahat ng pagod, causing me to fall asleep agad. idagdag na rin ung adjustments with the new work enviroment tapos mga taong ang hirap hagilapin sa panahong u need them. in short, i got no one to turn to but myself.

nakakamiss ung meron kang matatakbuhan. meron naman ngayon kahit papano, few ppl na naandyan in times u need them, they need u, bawian lang kumbaga. but at the end of the day, parang sarili ko lang is all ive got. parang i dont have to let others see na im tired cuz madedemotivate sila. parang i have to be strong khit im totally wrecked. siguro whatever keeps me up right now, thats something not coming within, siguro sa help na lang Nya. para sa iba na di sya kilala, sorry na lang hehe.

hay nako, nakakapagod. yet i dont wanna consider that i am burnout or maybe in denial stage ako, hehe. i dont wanna entertain negative thoughts kundi bibigay tong buong system ko. im so tired (tired of what?). ah basta nakakapagod po..totoo promise!


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