up for grabs

i was on leave for two days, to be honest im not sure y i filed for that leave since i just stayed at home and just become lazy. maybe i need a vacation, away from everything. some call it a “birthday leave”, yeah im a year older na naman. we had small gathering so be better make sure that u had ure share of those goodies. yum yum.

nakakatuwa knowing that there are few good ppl who remember my birthday, kung saken lang napaka ordinaryong araw lang but for them it is something. funny kase mas excited pa sila sa aken. sometimes gusto kong isipin na binabati lang nila ako para magpalibre, haha. tamaan na ang tatamaan. but seriously, good to know that they remember.

yesterday i was scanning my favorite photo album, im getting sentimental again as i see faces of friends whom i miss and going to miss. this is a stage of aging –> reminiscing the past. im about to start a new endeavor far away from them. the pictures say it all and to think that i had fun being with this ppl. how fascinating to have a genuine smile in these old photos.


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