Mura or foul words

I visited a forum and topic is about Mura or foul words. These are the set of words that our parents warned us about if they heard us saying it when we were young. As a grown up, I hear that others even use these words as an expression.

So a question pops into my head, how can one define a mura? How can you consider a word as foul? Let’s say, when someone mentioned to you that you are an idiot or “tanga” in our native language, does it necessarily mean he said mean words or you are just not smart? If I judge someone because he calls another an idiot, can I admit to myself that I also judge that guy? If we cannot define foul words, then we have no right to classify a word as mura.

Someone from the forum posted that mura is generally offensive words, and when I ask him why is it bad, he replied No buts no Ifs, as if he refused to further elaborate. So if we claim that mura is any form of offensive language, then can we say that even ridicule jokes on ugly people are considered mura? If someone says that you are stupid, given that you are, isn’t the effect to that person being told to is considered being namura? What thread separates foul words from insult?

I agree that mean words are bad words. But since we know that it is bad, it is also good to know how we classify a word as mura. It is impossible that you know something is bad, but you cannot explain further. I think that people from the forum should be able to define what they are trying to say.


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