Got robbed

No blog entry for three days, and because Ava requested me to write something interesting/annoying/worth reading, I am now sharing this.

We were robbed. Yes a period not an exclamation point. A part of that calmness on that statement, is because I left my window open last night, and that is how the intruder grabbed my bag, containing my wallet, watch, most importantly valuable ids. If you are living in the country I am at, Philippines, getting those IDs, is a major hassle. Initially I felt mad, violated, that someone can just come to our premises and get stuff, just like that. It is hard to be mad at someone who is faceless. Emotions begin to subside towards the end of the day, when it came to my senses that I only lost material things, it is good that we are all safe though, and that’s the most important thing.

After such incident, it made me want a computerized system at home. No proximity id, then you can’t get in. No biometrics info, then the laser beams kick in, I will apologize to you in the future, if you get yourself burn with our laser beams, but what are you doing in my place to begin with? How about you, how will you protect your home from these intruders?


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