Maundy Thursday. I’m doing this blog here at work, yes you read it right, I’m at work! Tomorrow is going to be our off and we’ll have a quite long weekend for we will be back by Tuesday. Here in the Philippines, it is Lenten season, too many tourists, visitors in our popular town. Aside from visiting, these people pledge to come yearly to our church, but why you might ask.

Someone told me that a local artist and politician went to our church on Lenten, and made me wonder if that’s the reason people are coming over here, & not because they really want to do their devotion. Some of them walk like 5kms, while some simulate Jesus Christ’s walk and get on the cross. It comes to mind though that if they are already saved by Jesus, why these people try to keep saving us over and over, what are they trying to imply that they are like God-man?

And sometimes I ask myself, what is really the best thing to do during Lenten? Go to the beach, go home with your family, or stay at home. When we were young, during lenten season, there is nothing to watch on tv, or it Christian related movies will be shown, and as a kid I don’t like it. With the current time, local channels are thinking about station ratings etc, and would rather show local movies, rather than biblical movies. I kinda miss those biblical movies that pricked my heart. You know the kind of shows that you do not watch 365 days, and then there’s that one week you do spiritual recollection.

So whatever ways you have to spend lenten, let us all not forget the true essence of remembering Him. It should not be about us, its about Him and what He did for us….not just today, but for all the days of our lives.


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