Commuters Manners

In our daily routine of going to work or office, as a commuter, definitely you have noticed a lot of things, you know the kind of activities that kept your heads busy while you are on a bus, jeepneys or trains. So here are some of the manners that you should bring along with you:

FIRST: Avoid jam pack areas, rush hour does not equate to get bumped from huddle of people. Not only that you lose poise in doing so, but you might get yourself hurt, or loss valuable items due to pickpocket.

SECOND: Choose where you would like to be seated. Near that gorgeous passenger, near the driver, or anywhere you are comfortable. When you are settled, don’t do sit hopping, aside from it is irritating, how old are you again?

THIRD: For men, stop sitting with very wide apart legs! Be considerate to the passenger beside you, besides you pay the same fee, so make sure that you only take one seat section.

FOURTH: Be gentleman as well, if you see a pregnant woman, an old folk, offer your seat.

LASTLY: If you are near your stop, get ready prepare your bag, do not whistle, knock or shout when you are about to get off.

If you are really into getting yourself on overcrowded area, it is up to you but make sure to bring these tips anywhere you go.


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